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Karen Byrd (ext. 157)
General Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 157

Karen Byrd is our General Manager and Credit Expert at Colonial Subaru with over two decades of automotive experience in sales, finance and dealership management. Her strong knowledge and experience of Automotive Dealership Management have allowed Karen to effectively lead and manage daily sales operations. Over the past years Karen has been able to build strong and long-lasting relationships with Colonial's customers. In every aspect of her job, Karen upholds only the highest of ethical standards. One of Karen's favorite phrases is, "my favorite customer is a well informed customer."

Before rejoining Colonial in 2007 Karen acquired her knowledge, experience and understanding of sales, finance & credit while working with one of the areas largest volume dealers in sales. During this period she developed long lasting industry relationships with various lenders across the credit spectrum. Later she advanced to executive management and attended GM University of Automotive Management where she completed training and certification in dealership operations management.


Sales Management

William Seltzer (ext. 155)
Sales Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 155

William Seltzer has been in the car industry for many years. He has been with Colonial Subaru since 2009. Honest and direct, William is a good friend and mentor. William leads the Colonial team with frank advice and extensive knowledge.

Patrick Thornton (ext. 111)
Used Car Coordinator
215-355-8800 ext. 111


Product Specialists

Sam Quill (ext. 151)
Product Specialist
215-355-8800 ext. 151

Nicholas Cifelli (ext. 133)
Product Specialist
215-355-8800 ext. 133

Proud father of three sons and a daughter. A big fan of all Philadelphia sports teams. Nick has enjoyed car sales since 2014.



Tony Kuznetsov (ext. 156)
Sales Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 156

Shawn Keogler (ext. 122)
Credit Solution Specialist
(215) 355-8800 ext. 122

Shawn has been in the car industry with colonial since 1997. Shawn is a family man and his daughters are the world to him. He is a year round sports fan, and if there is a gaming being played Shawn is into it and is rooting hard for his teams. A down to earth guy Shawn, loves to help people any way he can.

Justin Gleim (ext. 142)
Finance Specialist
(215) 355-8800 ext. 142

Justin started in the car industry in 2000 and joined Colonial in 2002. Justin is a family man first and foremost, he comes from a large family of eight. he has four kids of his own and is working on more. Justin enjoys being in the great outdoors, swimming and biking. Justin has worked in the car industry for his whole adult life and plans to retire from it after years of quality work.

Lorraine Dugan (ext. 139)
Finance Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 139


Solution Specialists

Dan Reardon (ext. 115)
Solution Specialist
(215) 355-8800 ext. 115

New to the car industry, Dan has been with Colonial since 2017. Dan is a caring father to his amazing daughter Dani. Dan enjoys being on his boat wether on a river or bay. when the opportunity arises dan also enjoys playing the piano and guitar. Dan has a can do attitude and an easy smile.

Dave "DJ" Johnson (ext. 153)
Solution Specialist
215-355-8800 ext. 153

David aka DJ has been in the car industry since 1980 and at Colonial since 1987. DJ is an avid cyclist that regularly hits the trails for rides that explore the greater Philadelphia area. When not riding DJ is an avid fly fisherman and has taken to many streams in the north east of the country. He is also a collector of early Americana.

Ted Cicchino (ext. 128)
Solution Specialist
215-355-8800 ext. 128

Ted started in the car industry with Colonial in 2011. Ted loves being in the out doors. Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are just a few of the activities Ted enjoys. Previously a motorcyclist, Ted has switched to a Can AM trike and enjoys long weekend rides around the north east. When not working or riding, Ted always has a project going on around his house. He enjoys working with his hands.

Walter Ruschak (ext. 136)
Sales Consultant
215-355-8800 ext. 136

Walter speaks multiple languages, English, Ukrainian and Russian. He also can understanding Polish.Walter enjoys traveling, the outdoors, water activities, and being active. He is sports fan, Go Eagles!! Walter loves and believes in the products he sales having owned a few himself. he couldn't sale a product he didn't trust. 

Suketu Ghandi (ext. 186)
Solution Specialist
215-355-8800 ext. 186

Erin Smith
Encore Delivery Specialist


Internet/BDC Sales

Allison Barbera
Internet Sales Coordinator

Dawn Dejesus (ext. 134)
BDC/Internet Sales Coordinator
215-355-8800 ext. 134


Service Fixed-Ops

Mike Hoff (ext. 116)
Service Production Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 116

Kevin Bryson (ext. 127)
Fixed Operations Director
215-355-8800 ext. 127

Kevin has been in the car industry since 1983 and has been working at Colonial since 2014.Kevin is a family focused man. he is married, he and his wife have two boys. Kevin loves spending time with his family. He particularly enjoys family trips to the beach. Kevin loves being involved with his sons baseball, soccer, karate and piano playing.


Service Advisors

Brian Kisiel (ext. 121)
Service Advisor
work: 215-355-8800 ext. 121 cell: 484-823-5294

Dennis McGettigan (ext. 143)
Assistant Service Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 143

Chad Condon (ext. 144)
Service Advisor
215-355-8800 ext. 144

Chad has been in the car industry since 1997 and joined Colonial in 2015. Chad is an Avid fisherman that enjoys the outdoors. whether it is a dock or a beach or a boat, Chad can be found fishing. With a big fish story to add for just about any situation, Chad is a down to earth person who is very sociable and alway ready to help.

Shantel Freeman (ext. 120)
Service Advisor
215-355-8800 ext. 120

Shantel started in the car industry with Colonial in 2017. Shantel is a dedicated hard worker with a friendly smile and an attitude to match. She has worked in customer service for years and customers satisfaction is her goal. Shantel believes the kindness goes along way and if you treat people with kindness in a matter what mood they start out in they will eventually come out positive. Shantel knows how to spread contagious kindness.



George Turner (ext. 118)
Parts Consultant
215-355-8800 ext. 118

Michael Katze (ext. 114)
Parts Department Manager
215-355-8800 ext. 114

Michael has been in the car industry since 1987, and has been with Colonial since 2016. Michael is accommodating and thoughtful. Always mindful of the customers needs and concerns, he will do whatever he can to keep them satisfied. In addition to being a team player, Michael is a huge EAGLES fan.

Warren Simcox (ext. 124)
Parts Specialist
215-355-8800 ext. 124

Warren started in the car industry in 1980, and joined Colonial in 1991. Warren has a lets get it done right the first time attitude. Always helpful and respectful, Warren works hard to make sure things go smoothly. A laid back down to earth guy, when not working Warren likes to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Warren enjoys a cold drink, a warm drink or a free drink  as long as its beer.


Service Concierge

Phyllis Napoli Marion (ext. 188)
Service Concierge
215-355-8800 ext. 188

Jack Fitzgerald (ext. 135)
Service Concierge
215-355-8800 ext. 135